Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day: Americans' Love Of The Fantasy Of War

Planning on voting for Trump? Before you join the army of goddamned fools intending to install the ultimate fool as President, please at least read The Guardian's Ben Fountain in his assessment of Trump, war and the outright folly of the American electorate, Endless war: Trump and the fantasy of cost-free conflict.

Trump had four or five draft exemptions (depending on who's counting) that prevented him from seeing a single day of combat in Vietnam, and I can only hope at least one of his was as legitimate as my one grudgingly granted exemption. Yes, I was glad not to go, but dammit, at least I was genuinely crippled. Gawd help the poor bastard, not to mention everyone in his unit, who went to war in Trump's stead.

Read Fountain's entire article. Toward the end, he quotes several GOP presidential candidates including Trump, a couple of Democratic candidates as well, and a few military "experts" both actual and self-proclaimed. If America continues to be led by people who think war is a good idea in almost all circumstances, I am practically certain that our nation will not outlast my own presumptively brief lifetime. War is not a hobby, or something to boast about, or a way of getting oneself elected to office, or a way of growing obscenely rich. War is hell... nothing more, nothing less. Those who endure it in our stead merit our sincere thanks. Those who send others to needless wars deserve to be heaped with shame.

Dammit, Americans, STOP VOTING FOR FOOLS!

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Friday, May 27, 2016

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