Monday, December 21, 2009


Welcome to The Yellow Something Something, the Blogger edition! Merry NODWISH and a Happy New Year, when those holidays arrive.

A few things are here; a lot more remains to be done. Here are some guidelines:
  • To view posts through 2009 (except for the last few days), click this link to the original Yellow Doggerel Democrat. Eventually this site will become the primary site, with a link to the old site.
  • To comment on a new post, use ordinary Blogger comments on this site, not the old.
  • Pre-2010 comments are NOT over here yet; I've exported them, and I will probably import them over here, but at present, I don't know how to hook up old comments to new Blogger blog post identifiers. If you need a particular old comment, leave me a note containing the approximate date or a few words, and I'll locate it in the export .XML files... clumsy, but I hope the measure is temporary.


  1. Testing.

    I can't leave my URI on Blogger comments because it doesn't understand the structure.

  2. Why, welcome, Steve! Glad to see you!

    (Testing comment email notification...)

  3. Thanks for making the decision for me. My Haloscan deadline is the 26th. I was sitting here wondering what to do--move the whole site to a new system, pay the ransom, or what--when I read your farewell to Halo. I had completely forgotten that Blogger had its own comment system. I feel so embarrassed.


  4. Hi Steve - It looks like your comments are working on your new blog! :)

  5. Bryan - you need a Google account to display all the other cool stuff about yourself associated with comments, but you can just create a Gmail account, or leave it the way it is... this works just fine.

  6. hi!

    [word verification = reprat. not sure what to make of that.]

  7. Actually, hipparchia, what threw your comment into moderation was the equivalent of "hello" followed by an exclamation mark. Go figure

  8. that I've done some research to figure out what's going on with the JS-Kit folks, I'm working on my secret decoder-ring backup Blogger blog (I use it as my test bed for all sorts of stuff) to rework my template to get Blogger Comments up and running. Good luck with your new site, Steve (I've always used Blogger, and except for one occasion when a black-hearted soul abuse-flagged my site, I've had pretty good luck over the last 5 years)...

    ...and if you figure out how to import haloscan comments to Blogger, I'd love to know how you did it....

  9. Jack K., if I had a fairly powerful scripting language... and I suspect Blogger has one; I don't know yet... I might be able to write a script, but so far, I don't even know how Blogger identifies a post.

    The HaloScan Export page to which the port-to-JS-Kit page takes you does work fine to export the HaloScan posts just fine. What its indexes and fields mean, though, I haven't had time (or sleep) enough to find out yet. As my old blog is manually keyed by [yyyymmddhhnnss], but I haven't figured out how to hook up posts to comments. All in good time.

  10. Oops. Make that index field [yyyymmddhhnn], no seconds at the end.

  11. ha. i guess next time i'm going to have to take off my shoes and dump out any liquids over 3oz before i comment. :)

  12. Your timing is excellent. I just finished updating the blogroll and I am glad to have you up and running again.

  13. Glad to see you are making the switch with only the usual technical glitches. But, but, but I am not on the blogroll?

    [sniffle]walks away dejected.

  14. Rook, my sincere apologies. Porting the blogroll meant making several dozen entries, manually, at about 4:00 A.M.; I wouldn't be surprised if I lost a few people. Thanks for pointing that out. Everyone else: if you notice your site is missing from the list, please accept my apologies and advise me.



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