Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lindsey Graham Is A Mistake - The YSS


Eric Kleefeld of TPM:

Is Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) starting to step away from his image as a relative GOP moderate? He's now calling for a constitutional amendment to end birthright citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants, an idea that has become a cause célèbre on the right.

"But there's another problem we have in this nation that I think is novel and needs to be fixed. If you come across the border illegally and you have a child in America, automatically, that child becomes an American citizen. Under the 14th Amendment, three court cases says there's a constitutional right to that," Graham said in an appearance Wednesday on Greta Van Susteren's show.

He also added: "But I may introduce a constitutional amendment that changes the rules if you have a child here. Birthright citizenship I think is a mistake, that we should change our Constitution and say if you come here illegally and you have a child, that child's automatically not a citizen."


Oh, I understand. Lindsey Graham venerates George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln (possibly not just their images on bills). Yet the first three gentlemen listed were not even born American citizens! Oh, the horror of watching non-Americans grow to greatness in the pantheon of American leaders, while Americans born here to foreign parents... uh, well... Lindsey wants to strip them of their citizenship, and probably deport them once it's gone. (I wonder what he would do in the case of Native Americans, who were not only born here but whose parents' parents' parents' parents were also born here. Hey, Lindsey, do you plan to reintroduce discrimination against the people of our First Nations into the Constitution?)

First question: Could you ask for any better example than Lindsey Graham of where the GOP would take us if they regained control of the government? Among Republicans, hate is an American value.

Second question: Is Lindsey Graham really necessary?

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