Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hot Nuts! Get 'Em While They're Hot! Bachmann Speaks Her Mind

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Another Planet) says the GOP House caucus was sent to Washington to "repeal the current Senate" and "repeal a president." Her words, not mine. Watch her say 'em at the link above.

Shorter Bachmann: "Who will rid me of this meddlesome Senate and President?"

Shorter answer: given that a new Congress has just begun, and that it's two years until the next presidential election, no one can legally do what she asks.

Does her statement mean that she is joining the ranks of GOPers advocating violent overthrow of the government?

Or is she just completely fucking nuts?

(I tend to go with Option 2 above.)


  1. She is another greedy, self-serving demagogue hoping to cash in like the former half-term governor of "The Last Frontier".

    Beck has shown them the way - be totally outrageous and they will hire you at an obscene salary, and ignore the non-existence of advertising.

    Being a somewhat cynical person, I have to wonder how much of the audience for these mental midgets is made up of lawyers hoping to cash in when the first estate of one of their victims decides to sue.

    Grayson has time on his hands and could use an infusion of cash.

  2. Bryan - Bachmann is a typical nut who does not fall far from the Beck tree. Her talk of "repeal[ing] the Senate" and "repeal[ing] a president" ... what the hell does "repeal[ing]" a whole branch of government mean? ... is troubling, but if she didn't say those things, she'd never get any attention.

    A coworker once said to me that the GOP is the only entity in the world that attempts to obtain a greater market share for its one and only product by constantly maligning that product in public. I suppose their slogan (and Bachmann's) might be "Less government... and all of it done by us."

  3. "Less government... and all of it done by us."




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