Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Guardian Offers ‘Lyin' Trump: A Weekly Fact Check’

I just discovered this series this week, but I can tell already that it is going to save all of us a great deal of googling/reading/transcribing in pursuit of the Donald's endless lies:
‘Lyin' Trump: A Weekly Fact Check’.
Good luck; keep your antacid supply handy.


  1. And the people who need to read it, will just say "more liberal lies from the liberal media!" and dismiss it out of hand. The stupid in this country simply refuse to read anything that contradicts what they've been told by their Party commissars on Faux News, Hate Internet, and Hate Radio. SIGH.

    1. 'Tux, the degree to which daily life events are cutting into my blogging and blog-related reading has grown annoyingly greater lately; e.g., my ancient Chevy reached a point of irreparable danger to my life and limb about two weeks ago, and I'm depending on Stella while I'm shopping for something a little newer... and having to accommodate my increasing need for hand controls (SIGH). So I don't spend as much time on the blogs and on my own blog as I used to. Trump is a phenomenon straight out of the entertainment world: he has all the wisdom of a dry turd, as well as the self-image of an ancient Greek god. Somehow he has to be dispensed with, but it's difficult to overcome that much personal and party wealth, and it may be impossible to fight that much sheer ignorance in the electorate. The sign in the left column here says I'm ready for Hillary, but to put it more accurately, I'm scared shitless of the Donald.



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