Thursday, June 24, 2010

Supremes: Skilling Skates

The U.S. Supreme Court overturned Enron executive Jeffrey Skilling's conviction on conspiracy because the law which he allegedly violated covered bribes and kickbacks, but Skilling was not alleged to have engaged in either of those activities.

Skilling is at present serving a 24-year sentence for this and other convictions in a prison in Littleton, CO. It is not clear yet whether the Court's reevaluation of the conspiracy conviction will affect the other crimes for which he is serving sentences.

I said it when the whole Enron scandal blew up: every Enron exec will eventually walk free. That's how it is in a corporatist society, and Dog knows corporations run America. So far, Ken Lay has died (that's one way to escape a sentence*) and Jeff Skilling may walk (or may not). At this point I'm 2 for 2 on our watching the bastards skate free. Anyone want to make predictions for the rest of the charges against Skilling or anyone else?

Welcome to America! Steal a little money, go to jail; steal a lot of money, go to the club and have a drink. May we join you at the club, Mr. Skilling?

*The most overtly Christian among Stella's friends, herself a former Enron employee, assures us that Lay got right with the Lord before he died. So... not serving his conviction on Earth, and not punished in the afterlife. Would you say Lay got a (ahem) damned good deal?


  1. I don't know if Ken Lay died... did anyone check the coffin? Poke a pin into the corpse?

    I bet he's on an island somewhere hanging out with other 'dead' execs enjoying our money....

  2. ellroon - not according to this gal. She says he passed the Pearly Gates after asking Jesus to forgive his sins.

    The notion of simply being able to say "I'm sorry, and I believe in Jesus as Lord," and getting away with literally anything... murder, genocide, massive fraud against millions of people... is yet another reason I could never be a Christian. OK, Kenny Boy, Jesus may forgive you, but I don't...

  3. "---is yet another reason I could never be a Christian," or more fundamentally, a Republican. Ain't it true, more often than not, that when Democrats go philandering and get caught, they confess and go into therapy. Republicans lie about it, even when caught and then are born again and so, forgiven. Libertarians just quote Ayn Rand.



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