Monday, August 16, 2010

DeLay To Skate Free



DeLay Will Not Face Federal Charges

Ryan J. Reilly | August 16, 2010, 10:11AM

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay will not face federal charges related to his ties to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, Politico reported.

The Justice Department notified DeLay's lead attorney, McGuireWoods Chairman Richard Cullen, about the decision last week, the lawyer said.

"The federal investigation of Tom DeLay is over and there will be no charges," Cullen told Politico. "This is the so-called Abramoff investigation run by the Public Integrity section of DOJ. There have been a series of convictions and guilty pleas since 2005."

... [Cullen glorifies DeLay's cooperation and response to DoJ - ed.]

Reached by TPMMuckraker, Justice Department spokeswoman Laura Sweeney declined to comment.

One commenter on TPM's post lambasted implants... Bush DoJ appointees masquerading as career employees... for this outrageous miscarriage of justice. There may well be more than a few of those, but let's face it: it's Obama's DoJ now, and if this happened, it's because he wanted it to happen. What kind of deal has Obama cut with the GOP this time?

If you lived in Texas at the time of DeLay's malfeasance, you would know why I am horrified. DeLay basically eliminated any shred of representation in elected federal officials from Texas: gerrymandering of a sort not seen since the Nineteenth Century squashed an emerging Democratic majority flat into the ground. The variety of illegal means he used to accomplish this was breathtaking. And now he's going to get away scot-free.

How would you feel if this had been done to your vote? Obama groupies, how do you justify this one? Yeah, right, sure: as a "professional leftist," I just hate Obama and should STFU. May the good Dog DAMN anybody who says that (*cough* Gibbs *cough*) or that I am a "fucking retard" (*cough* Emanuel *cough*).


  1. You would have to be brain dead not to know that the DoJ was totally infiltrated with Dubya's moles. Hell, we talked about the problem for months before the election, that people were going to need to be replaced wholesale within most departments.

    Clinton and Obama have both failed to do it, and both have paid the price, but it was obvious, so it was a self-inflicted wound.

    This is not how you honor the rule of law.

  2. Bryan, I do not so much fault Obama's intelligence as I fault his judgment. Still, even as independent as DoJ is supposed to be from the political branches, I cannot believe this kind of thing happens without Obama's tacit approval. And that's dismaying, even if by now it's predictable.



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