Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Voted Today

The Fiesta Mart (our early voting polling place) was not overwhelmingly crowded, but one of the workers told me they've been getting about 1,000 people each early-voting day. That's pretty good, considering how short the hours are (8:30am-4:30pm this first week; longer next week).

As anticipated, I voted mostly for Democrats. There were two kinds of race in which I did not vote at all: races in which there was no Democratic candidate (what's that? Green? ya gotta be kidding; there were only about two Green candidates in the whole list of 87 races) and races in which the Democrat neglected to provide a document to the League of Women Voters... I insist on at least minimal biographical info for any candidate. Much to my disappointment, in Cong. Dist. 7, there was no Democrat running against John Culberson, who might as well be named Tom DeLay II, and I didn't feel like voting for a Liberterrible.

The ballot prop's were few and to the point. I actually voted against the Sierra Club position on Prop. 1... i.e., I voted FOR the prop., which has to do with improving drainage. I voted AGAINST continued use of red-light cameras because the photos they take are evaluated by the company that manufactures and maintains the devices; you might as well ask the cat who should get the cream. If they a) worked reliably and b) weren't primarily a source of revenue for their manufacturer, I'd be more inclined to support them. But too many people are being cited who later take their ticket to court... and win, for good and sufficient reason.

Harris County residents, please vote. You have another 1½ weeks of early voting plus Election Day, i.e., you have no excuse for NOT voting. Go do it!

(BTW, I actually drove myself to the polls. It wasn't that far, and I was able to improvise a hand control of sorts for the accelerator. It felt really good to get to the polls under my own steam.)

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