Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hey Democrats... The Election Could Have Sucked Worse

Hey Dems... you still have the presidency (and his staff, who give new meaning to the words "ill-advised") and, just barely, the Senate. You even still have Harry Reid, not that that's necessarily an advantage... how about picking someone else for Majority Leader this time around?

Of course, you've lost the House... all of us now have to look at John Boehner, who has one of the ugliest faces in Washington, for at least a couple of years. And you long ago lost that other legislative branch... you know, the Supreme Court. I read somewhere (Digby?) that the party in power typically loses 44 House seats in a midterm election, which means you truly outdid yourselves by losing (as I go to bed) 75 seats. Congratulations... losers!

Then there are the unelected "leaders" of the Democratic Party. How about firing the chairs of the DNC, the DCCC and the DSCC? It won't rid you of a tenth of your incompetents, but it's a start.

If you want to assume the leadership, you have to lead. You have not even begun to do that in the past decade. Leading does not consist in running scared when a Republican says "boo" (hey, if that's what you want, Halloween was two days before Election Day), and that's about all you've done lately. Great leaders persuade people to want their governments to be sensible, generous, and disinclined to unnecessary war. You, on the other hand... where's the wall? I need to bang my head against it.

It's true that you were left a disastrous economy when Obama took office. It's also true that when you made a good-faith effort to improve that economy, the GOP made a bad-faith effort to destroy you. But that is no excuse for your execrable handling of community relations, especially relations with your heretofore loyal supporters in the progressive community, while you scurried about attempting to appease the implacable Republicans. And that was truly stupid of you. Look to your base first: there is no sustaining your power without them, and without power, you are nothing.

You have two years to get your shit together. Better get started...

UPDATE: I didn't go to bed after all, and it's now 65 seats.


  1. Obama will put bi-partisanship into high gear again and Harry Reid will give away what's left of the farm.

  2. mandt, I don't know if you heard Obama's media conference today: he's already cranking up bipartisanship, and the election isn't even cold in its grave yet.

    Obama acts like an abused spouse: he thinks that if he can just be respectful and compromising enough, the GOP will do the same. More likely the GOP will beat him (politically speaking, at least) to a bloody pulp.

    Obama wasted the best two years he had, listening to bad advice, negotiating with evil people who would say anything to get what they wanted. Now that sorry lot owns the place, and Obama can only count his days in office and hope the GOP doesn't abuse him further. I'm sorry, but I can't respect him for that.



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