Wednesday, December 23, 2009

O Rahm, O Rahm Emanuel

Here we go. Again. Many are saying it, but skippy gives us a good excerpt from the WSJ:

rahm: a lot of ding dong

who needs progressives? apparently not rahm emanuel:

turn off msnbc. tune out howard dean and keith olbermann. the white house has its liberal wing in hand on health care, says white house chief of staff rahm emanuel.

“there are no liberals left to get” in the senate, emanuel said in an interview, shrugging off some noise from the likes of sen. bernie sanders (i., vt.) that a few liberals might bolt over the compromises made with conservative democrats.
As I read the WSJ clip, I have to wonder what, other than the politics of that rag's editorial board, makes Sen. Bernie Sanders's comments "noise" while Sen. Joe LIEberman's remarks are pearls of wisdom. Why is one of the Senate's two independents allowed to sway the entire Senate Democratic caucus because "we desperately need his vote on this," while the other can be "shrugged off," though his vote carries the same weight in that august body? I'd say WSJ is missing something important.

Then again, I suppose none of us liberals wants to be a bother to the president in his pursuit of "the oh-dash-it-all of hope," or something like that... we've done our service by getting him elected, and our role now is to step offstage and STFU...

Afterthought: it amused me to find several references in Amazon's reviews of The Thumpin' to Rahm's frequent use of the f-bomb toward his "enemies." Gee; I thought he was supposed to be on the same team as the Democrats.


  1. Sanders is "noise" because he speaks sensibly, plainly and distinctly. He forces you to hear and consider his words.

    Lieberman is pearls of wisdom because they are smooth and shiny and just roll over you without leaving any trace of their existence after.

  2. And all this time I thought the Josh Lyman character on The West Wing was a parody...

  3. All mythology has archtypes, it is just that we rarely see them perfectly expressed in reality.

    Rahm has patterned his life as the villain in a Frank Capra movie. Alas, they obviously lost the happy ending.



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