Friday, December 26, 2014

The Challenges Of Small Town Life — Doggerel!

Catherine Thompson at TPM tells us about one of those challenges:

Ohio Town Orders Man To Take Down Zombie Nativity Scene

A suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio has ordered one resident to remove a zombie-themed nativity scene from his property, local TV station WLWT reported Tuesday night.

Jasen Dixon, a Sycamore Township man who manages a haunted house in Indiana, built the manger scene with zombie-like figures standing in for Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus and the three wise men.

But town officials following up on two anonymous complaints found that Dixon's handmade nativity scene violated zoning codes.

Yeah, right; zoning codes. It's time for a double dactyl, folks, about the...
Zombie Takedown!
Higgledy piggledy,
Zombie Nativity
Vacantly stares at our
Midwestern town;

Direly reducing our
Bad for our Christmasnow
Take the thing down!

— SB the YDD


  1. Years ago we put up a Nativity with a black baby Jesus and two Josephs with a surrogate Mary, but it was San Francisco and made perfect sense.

  2. Michael - :-)

    Now write a silly rhyme to go with your story!



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