Monday, March 21, 2016

Blog Break

Not me... I mouse left-handed
and my hair is gray!
Before I had a smartphone, I always imagined it would be much more convenient to do research for blog posts when I'm away from home if I had a mobile device literally always with me. As it turns out, that aspect is true... but the phone does not provide me with any more time or energy actually to write those posts. I made a new folder  in my email called BlogThis and began sending myself links and notes each time I ran across an article or post worth my time (and presumably my readers' time as well). Indeed I blogged a few of those, but the rest of life goes on... significant weather events, my health and that of my friends, household matters, etc. ... and at the moment I have a backlog of 33 articles in the BlogThis folder.

In short, I'm getting the research done, but the blogging is going by the boards. Many of the pending BlogThis entries are obsolete by now, so I believe I'll take a break of a few days, let them all obsolesce, and start fresh, knowing how the presence of the new phone changes things. Please bear with me; I'm not ready to quit blogging yet. But there's this article I found that I just have to make notes on for a future blog post...


  1. I've done this so often that now I just collect articles that have caught my eye and dump them into one post. I find that facebook has taken up a lot of my need to share and rant over politics so my blog is more often about extraneous things like Pluto and food... But if Trump becomes president I promise I will post a lot of incoherent screaming...

    1. ellroon, I suspect many people have done something much like what you've done, and I may end up doing that as well. One obstacle I face is nearly 40 years as a partisan Democrat... whether it's Bernie or Hillary, I'll feel obliged to vote for her/him, and I'll do so with a clear conscience. (FWIW, I voted for Hillary over Barack in the 2012 primary.) But age has taken its toll on me, and I can't campaign like I used to. Moreover, all this source material overwhelms me: reading, assimilating and writing about it takes a lot of my mental energy. The smartphone just tops it all off: using it efficiently takes the rest of my mental focus.

      So I do the best I can with what I have. Old age ain't for sissies! I intend to keep at it until I can't hold a stylus (use fingers? are you kidding me?). Onward through the fray...



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