Friday, April 29, 2016

Here We Go Again... Certain Heavy Rain, Possible Floods, Hail, Tornadoes, ...

Where, exactly? They'll be able to tell us immediately before it happens, not sooner. How bad? Ditto. Houston and surrounding areas, some already saturated, are expected to get 2"-7" rain in some places; needless to say, 2" is a lot less damaging than 7". Oh, and this could happen anytime from tonight to, uh, Monday. We have our cell phones charged up and the ABC13 weather app installed; I already had the NWS site linked... not exceedingly mobile-friendly but I'm accustomed to working it with two fingers. With luck, we will come through this one with as little damage as we had last time (see previous post). When I can post here, I will post here...


  1. Hopefully you have victuals and wine to last the weekend. Good luck and we'll keep our fingers crossed you keep your lucky streak going.

  2. Dammit, you guys stole our rain! El Nino seems to be soaking Texas more than California. We need a Keystone Pipeline running east to west to pump water over the Rockies.

  3. That complaint said, stay safe and afloat, Steve!

  4. The last wave that came through on Friday split over Pensacola Bay so we only got a spotty fraction of an inch while in the Gulf and north of I-10 it was another deluge.

    These things seem to spring up just west of Houston and then hang around for a day before they finally start moving, Damn, we have been having significant rain two days a week for over a month, while you have been getting twice as much.

    Maybe you should invest in a jon boat and a couple of oars for the patio.

  5. Fallenmonk, we are all set... for a storm that never came here. All of it passed north of us and is by now troubling people north and west of us. (You, perhaps? hope not!)

    Bryan, at Our House, we ended up getting so nearly NO rain that I wasted a lot of worry on nothing. I do feel sorry for the people north and west of us. And if this is truly a pattern, who knows what we will get here when it finally does hit Houston south of I-10.

    ellroon, I wish I could send you some rain, but it ended up not coming here either. Good luck; it seems nobody is interested in building USEFUL pipelines.

    And now I'm going to go drink some of what I stocked up on... several bottles of Gato Negro Malbec (better than it ought to be for under $5/bottle) and a sixpack of Miller High Life that Miller released from the recipe they used in my college days. Ah, nostalgia... not what it used to be! :twisted:

  6. CORRECTION: Fallenmonk and Bryan: north and EAST of us.



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