Thursday, June 9, 2016

Bernie Sanders For President Admirable Person Of The Year

I understand how difficult it must be for Bernie to step aside. But I hope he faces this inevitability as he has courageously faced so many others: the delegate counts simply aren't there for him, and Secretary Clinton, FBOW, will be the Democratic Party's candidate for POTUS. Considering the likely catastrophe threatening our nation if Trump should become President, Sen. Sanders would best serve our nation by ending his own run for that office.

What we progressives owe him is incalculable: the public dialog on traditionally progressive/liberal issues has moved noticeably leftward thanks to Sanders's run, and he has surely made Clinton a better candidate by engaging with her on those issues.

As ambivalent as I am about Hillary Clinton, I admit Hillary is easily the most qualified candidate between the remaining two who have a realistic chance of winning (or, in Trump's case, stealing) the presidency. I'd like to give Sen. Sanders a day or two to make his own endorsement of Secy. Clinton before I remove my own endorsement of him from this site and (as seems likely at this point) begin my advocacy for Hillary Clinton.

More as it happens...


  1. Last Tuesday I voted for Bernie even though I was quite sure Hilary would win the California primary. I wasn't throwing my vote away, rather I was reinforcing the concept that the left exists and deserves respect. The country needs to shift away from the right. Capitalism is an economic system and a lousy method for governing.

    1. Shirt, no primary vote is ever wasted. I did the same thing, only in Texas. You'd be surprised... most people would be... how many lefties there are in this right-tilting state; they exist, they vote and they may not have the option of moving to a more left-leaning state, usually because family or a job keep them here. I admire anyone who votes his or her conscience. And you're right: what capitalism has become within my lifetime is a pretty sorry form of government.

  2. Truly, it has turned into a case of "voting against" rather than "voting for" ----- I still voted for Bernie this morning . . . .

    1. Thanks for your vote, c. The evening TV news tells us Bernie will make some sort of announcement tomorrow (6/16). His biggest accomplishment in this run for the presidency has been successfully negotiating his choice of five members of the DNC committee that is specifying the content of the Democratic Party's platform (Hillary gets to choose six members; DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz chooses four, IIRC). Presuming the DNC abides by its agreement, this gives Bernie considerable influence on the future of the Democratic Party, in a far more progressive direction than we would have seen had the candidate been anyone else than Bernie. Moreover, I've read (where? sorry, Old Man Memory fails me) that even Hillary's choices are more progressive than was anticipated. So it's all good, or if not good, at least better than it might have been.

      I do not despise Hillary as some Bernie-supporters do. I even voted for her in preference to now-President Obama back in their primary run. She is highly imperfect in one aspect, namely, her relationship to Wall Street. But she is vastly preferable to the Donald (about whom my friend and neighbor George has a bumper-worthy slogan: "DON T.? DON'T!!") and I will vote for her with a clear conscience. It's "the art of the possible," and all that...

  3. Published 2 february 2016
    KILLARY CLINTON GAME OVER 2016, 12min 55sec



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