Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hillary Clinton For President

My head and my heart are both with Bernie Sanders... but Bernie is no longer running for president.

We surely owe Bernie a debt of gratitude for what he accomplished both in influencing Secy. Clinton's policy positions on a great number of issues and in using his five members of the Democratic Party's Platform Committee to embed those improved positions as planks in the platform. Many of us had serious hopes that, in the process, Sen. Sanders would amass enough convention delegates to win the nomination himself. That hope has since been dashed, and Sanders has taken the sensible step of withdrawing from the race and formally endorsing Secy. Clinton for president. That alone is reason to consider, seriously, voting for her.

But you all know there's another reason for doing so: clearly our nation's next president will be either Hillary Clinton or... wince... Donald Trump. No third candidate has a remote chance, and Sanders, unlike (say) Ralph Nader, understands the folly of a third-party run.

So as the slogan goes, I'm with her. The YDDV endorses Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. Do some reading about her; we could do much worse... we could, for example, end up with the DT without even taking a drink.


  1. Replies
    1. Fair enough, pj. It depends on how you see the task before us. For me, it is, pure and simple, to stop Donald Trump. A vote for a third candidate would accomplish nothing toward stopping him; indeed, it would be a sort of vote for him. I'd love to vote for a genuinely left-leaning candidate, but the needs of my conscience to support a genuine lefty have been met by supporting Bernie (including financially) for as long as he was in the race. Giving my vote indirectly to The Donald was never a part of my plan, and I won't do it if there is an alternative who might stop him. YMMV, legitimately.

  2. If you're basically comfortable under the status quo, then reinforcing it might make sense to you. That isn't me.

    1. pj, sorry Blogger put your 2nd comment in the "review" bucket, where I failed to see it until today.

      "[B]asically comfortable under the status quo" is not a good description of me, but I can see how that would be another reason for voting for Hillary. My actual reason appeared in comments to another thread, where I said that IMHO few things are as important as stopping Trump from becoming president; I believe the man has high potential to go on to become a dictator, and I'll do whatever legal thing I can to prevent that horror. That includes voting for Hillary, who has not yet terrorized me as Trump clearly intends to.



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