Monday, August 1, 2016

Since Khan-Trump Exchange, Constitution Becomes Bestseller

Too bad I won't be rushing out to buy one; I've had a pocket copy since 1976, though it's missing one amendment. I keep it in the bed headboard, along with a book-sized copy annotated by Linda Monk.

And yes, Lyin' Donald, you can bet your fat ass I've read it, all the way through perhaps a half dozen times over the years, and individual pieces of it several times a month as issues arise.

Oh, and Scott Bixby tweeted (see last graf at Guardian link above), "Donald Trump mocks Hillary Clinton for wanting to build schools, declares he wants to build a $100 million ballroom for the White House." Hmm. I wouldn't have thought Donald Trump's balls required all that much room. Maybe that's his brains I'm thinking of...


  1. Not his brain, which is negligible but his ego, bloated as it is....

  2. :-)

    "Maybe that's his brains I'm thinking of..." that don't require all that much room.

  3. Colonial Williamsburg sent me a copy of the Constitution, the Gettysburg Address and the Declaration of Independence just last month. So now no one in Moi house has an excuse, if they haven't read it already! p.s. good to see you, I'm back! :D

    1. Hey, Moi! Good to see you back on the 'sphere, and hanging around this part of it! Those pocket Constitution copies are one of two wonderful ideas from the 1970s; the other is an annotated Constitution... I couldn't live without either one! BTW, I don't know if you hang around Colonial Williamsburg, but if so, do say hello to my old friend and musical colleague, Robert Wayne Moss; he plays viola da gamba wonderfully well, has a great sense of humor, looks splendid in 18th-century attire, and loves living in CW.



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