Tuesday, September 6, 2016

‘I Just Don’t Think She Has A Presidential Look’

That's Donald, speaking of Hillary. Personally, I think Donald DOES have a presidential look... think of former Serbian President Slobodan Milošević, for example, crank down the charm by about 10 percent, and you've got Trump.

But that's not my real point. My real point is that Trump evaluates women entirely by their physical appearance. His wife... er, wives... are good evidence of that: not that any one of them is stupid, but all of them are attention-getting for their looks alone. So the statement that Hillary lacks "a presidential look" means exactly two things:
  • she is not male, and
  • she does not meet Trump's standard of femininity.
Go figure... when Hillary was First Lady, my father used to remark on her good looks. But what part of a president's toolkit is her looks, anyway? My mother was bright and articulate from my earliest memories, but I have pics of her in her young adult years, and she was striking... it's no surprise my father went for the whole package, brains, looks, speaking ability, writing ability, etc. (Occasionally, perhaps just to prove a point, Mom would tune the family car. Farm girls often acquire skills like that, though in her case I think it was probably the tractor she tuned.) But Trump clearly evaluates women with one thing in mind. What a schmuck that man is.

A reminder for poll-watching voters. Lately the big three broadcasting networks have been saying that Trump and Clinton are in a dead heat, statistically tied, use your own favorite phrase (but please... not "neck and neck"). Before you believe that statement in its usual sense, go read FiveThirtyEight.com; it's on this site's blogroll. You'll find the networks are cherry-picking the polls they average, and rotten-apple-tossing the tweaked results at you. If you can put aside their "methodology" (heh) for long enough to see what Nate Silver & Co. are saying, you'll see Hillary is still several points in the lead... and noticeably more likely to win the office. This does not mean she or her supporters can afford to be complacent, but neither is it time for them to tear their hair out.


  1. Even his daughter is rated only by her looks: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/donald-trump-ivanka-rolling-stone and his sons think the same way: http://motto.time.com/4397182/eric-trump-ivanka-vp/

    1. ellroon, Chelsea was derided about her looks from the moment the Clintons moved into the White House, by people whose own looks were hidden by the internet but probably were chubby, pimply right-wing kids themselves. Chelsea is one of those women whose good looks... yes, she has them... matured late; one of my best friends for over 45 years experienced the same, and it was no damned fun for her to put up with the completely unjustified mockery before she arrived at a genuine elegance.

    2. ("right-wing kids" -> "right-wing boys")

  2. I remember Amy Carter getting the same treatment, but woe unto you if you criticized the Reagan or Bush children....

    1. Yep. Why are presidential family members not off limits, apart from the extremely rare instances in which they interfere with the President's business as President? I've tried to be tolerant over the years, but at age 68 I seem to have reached a limit at which I am unwilling to tolerate GOPers' bullshit. If they don't watch out, I'll take up writing doggerel again...



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