Saturday, October 15, 2016

Trump: Who Is More Stupid Than A Woman? A Deaf Woman

... or, apparently, any other person with disabilities. In 2011, Trump tangled with well-known actress Marlee Matlin; the result was truly ugly. There are reasons piled atop Trump's sexual assaults that further disqualify Trump for holding any public office.

In fairness, I admit that I am a fan of Matlin and her work, and as a person with disabilities myself, I am outraged at Trump's condescending dismissiveness toward all of us with physical or mental disabilities. He has no business in a position of public "service."


  1. Marlee Matlin responded, see She nailed it completely with a great deal of restraint. I know this for my wife is deaf and has faced such discrimination even from the Police. Idiots often regard the hearing impaired as "Mentally disabled" not realizing that their speech often sounds different. The fact really is that hearing impaired speech is almost a Miracle and requires YEARS of work. And that odious jerk blows it all off. There are many reason not to vote for the Orange Yammer-head, his lack of civility is one more.


    1. Shirt, even a casual observer could see Ms. Matlin has twice the compassion and ten times the intellect Mr. Grump has. My father and his mother both developed progressive hearing loss as they aged, and my own hearing has diminished greatly in my sixties, so it's very likely heritable in our family. People who have no such obstacles and also are as compassionless as Drumpf are probably already halfway to a fascist superiorist attitude, and they have no business being in charge of any important matter whatsoever.



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