Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kitty News

This is about our visit yesterday on behalf of Esther's health. Referred by our regular veterinarian, we took her to a veterinary "clinic" (don't be fooled; the thing was a veritable hospital, in size, scope and prices) for a visit with a veterinary ophthalmologist.

Esther extends a foot in greeting
Esther, usually the most sociable of cats (with us and even with visitors to the house), had begun sticking tenaciously to her favorite place in the music room... moved from there by Stella, Esther would promptly return there. Looking for a cause, Stella noticed that one of Esther's eyes has some milky-cloudy spots in it. Our regular vet (actually her assistant vet) was somewhat concerned, but said their general-practice clinic did not have the necessary equipment to make a determination, other than to eliminate a few simple things by blood work.

The clinic/hospital didn't have that problem. They had special cameras to photograph Esther's eyes and lights to shine in them (both much to her annoyance). They had an ophthalmologist who IMHO was very impressive in the depth of her knowledge and her ability to express it.

So we started on a prioritized sequence of tests and treatments, prioritized starting with the least drastic in terms of difficulty of test, severity of disease, and cost of everything. It's a multi-week, multi-visit process. At the least (and most hoped for), it's some sort of inflammation that should be alleviated by a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory ointment (think: ibuprofen in an ointment) which Stella is applying this week; at the worst, it could be feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), which is fatal and incurable. Only time, preliminary treatment, and the application of large amounts of money will tell.


  1. The guys and I are hoping it's the result of wrestling with her daughter which will go away with the salve. Mine have had the FIP vaccine, but they aren't even sure that it's effective.

    We're sending positive vibes.

    1. Thanks, Bryan. Goodness knows the two girls scuffle as only mother and daughter can, and we're hoping for what you said. Meanwhile, Stella gets to squirt the stuff in Esther's eye several times a day (Esther would never tolerate that from me). Hope for the best...

  2. Is she eating well? How's her weight?

    And cats sometimes get unreasonably attached to one specific place for reasons known only to cats, there's been times when TMF won't budge from his chair and cushion (I find it amusing that Esther appears to have her own dedicated chair just as TMF does :). I chalk it up to cats being cats, not necessarily any health reason, though clearly spots on Esther's eye are a health issue.

    1. 'Tux, the ointment (however much Esther despises it) seems to be alleviating the irritation, but we're only about halfway through, with Esther resisting Stella every step of the way. The follow-up appt. with the ophthalmologist is two weeks from the first, 2/26. I'll keep you posted.

    2. Oh... she's eating about as usual, and her weight is steady. She looks "thin" only by comparison to Lily, who is always IMMENSE.



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