Monday, February 3, 2014

Sherlock Lovers Take Note

The "No P•lice Like Holmes" panel near the bottom of the page is filling up quite nicely. It's not scholarly; it's just my personal impression of a great variety of Sherlock Holmes-related material, some of which you may find interesting if you like Holmes. See the blogroll index near the top of the left sidebar; click the silhouette of Holmes, and enjoy!


  1. Omg! Literally just put down A Monstrous Regiment of Women I found at a garage sale along with Beekeeper. Fun and much more palatable than Horowitz's take on Sherlock in The House of Silk. Enjoying Louise Penny's work as well (per your recommendation!)

    1. Glad you discovered the Russell novels, ellroon. Twenty-one years ago, King had only just established herself with the first of the award-winning Kate Martinelli novels, and I was surprised when she promptly (a year later) created Mary Russell. Apparently Ms. King has boundless energy! (She even, improbably, overlapped the two series in The Art of Detection, which I've bought but not yet read.)

    2. You may (or may not) like Carole Nelson Douglas's Irene Adler series... see the Sherlock frame at the bottom for a summary. OT1H, Adler was always "The Woman" to Holmes, though never a love interest. OTOH, there's a tiny vestige of Douglas's past as a romance writer in most of the books. I'm reading Irene at Large at the moment, and the adventure content far outweighs the romance in that novel, but other novels in the series... as with her Midnight Louie series... lead one to expect a picture of a ruggedly handsome man and a buxom long-haired woman locked in an embrace on the cover. It's part of what she offers, though the substance of her books makes them more than satisfying for men who read them who would never be caught dead reading romances.



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