Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cat Ballou Balloon


Lily has begun to look rather... inflated...

I have some new batteries for the same old camera. They aren't Eneloop, but they are a variety of NiMH technology specifically designed to maximize battery shelf life, so with any luck, I will be taking more pictures in the coming weeks.

AFTERTHOUGHT: Whatever else I may gripe about, I can't complain that Lily is uncooperative. She sat still for three flash shots, the camera no farther than 18" above her... and slept through it all.


  1. Ah! You have to feed her less, otherwise she has to do some exercise or body building!

    1. Enfant, in an ideal world, we would, of course, feed her less. But our other cat, Esther, is fit and trim. If you've ever owned two cats and tried to feed them in the same house, you know what we're facing. It's not that Esther is shy... she's pretty good at defending her right to eat a reasonable portion of the food... but Lily has found she can simply out-wait Esther, wait for Esther to take a nap. Sooner or later, Esther leaves the food area for a few hours, and Lily gorges herself in that time. Seriously, try to stop a cat like Lily from monopolizing the food... it's almost impossible without moving the two cats to two separate houses. Close Lily off in a separate part of the house and she just starts howling until you remove the barrier.

      Cats are a lot like people: left to their own devices, some eat moderately and some overeat. Those that overeat are difficult to restrain from doing so.

    2. In fact, I have never owned two cats.
      Only during summer for the first year and then also summer next year, but this cat was ill: he had a damaged eye and I gave him antibiotic pills and ointment with cortisone.
      Soon his eye recovered.
      As I live no longer at home (coming only for Xmas, Easter and Summer), I had to give the second cat to a friend of mine.
      The fist cat went in a pension for cats.

    3. I do, in fact, have two cats, and The Mighty Fang is looking much like Lily, alas.

      Two things:

      1) Put the food down, let the cats eat their fill, then *put the food bowl away* until the next time Esther expresses hunger.

      2) Do limit the *total* amount of food. If Esther starts getting skinny, then you have a problem, but Lily is getting way too fat and limiting the amount of food somehow has to be done.

      TMF has been stable at 18 pounds and Mencken at 12 pounds for the past eight years, so it appears to work.

      Of course I realize that you have been gimping around and your SO has been overloaded so none of this is easy. But Lily is going to have health issues at that weight, guaranteed...



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