Monday, April 28, 2014

Net Neutrality Is In Grave Danger

... and Obama's FCC chairman Tom Wheeler is a former telecom CEO. The proposal under consideration would allow ISPs to offer faster internet delivery rates for more money from companies willing and able to pay it, while the rest of us... bloggers, small businesses, small nonprofits, etc. ... would slog along in the slow lane.

Neutrality of transport has been essential to the Internet from its beginning, and everyone involved in the original development of the 'net opposes this pay-to-play scheme. But you know Obama, the closet Republican; he appoints cabinet officials and agency heads who give big corporations whatever they want. You can fight back or watch the 'net you know and love... the content you really want... go to ground to make room for as much fast Fox News as Fox can pay for. The petition on Kos is a place to start; please sign it. You don't have long; the decision will be made in about the middle of next month.

1 comment:

  1. OK signed it but I added a comment: I will boycott any corporation that hires Tom Wheeler or any other Commissioner if pay to play becomes real. It's timed for these yokels to learn there is a cost for their behavior.




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