Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Claiming 'Freedom Of Speech,' Anti-Choice Zealots Continue To Intimidate, Threaten Patients, Medical Professionals, Staff At Women's Clinics

A great reminder... unfortunately
for Americans, she is in London
This has been going on for decades. And there are no signs I can see that the law enforcement and judicial systems are making even the least serious move to put a stop to the blatantly illegal activities of the fringe of the "pro-life" movement: they call themselves "pro-life" in much the same way Orwell wrote about a "Ministry of Truth." Please read what a practicing physician trying to provide health care to women, including poor women, has to say about the state of things.

A couple of memories from my own more active days in behalf of the local Planned Parenthood:

  • One day I went to the clinic to install the latest version of some software I developed for use by Planned Parenthood. The clinic stank something awful: someone had tossed a stink-bomb through the window the night before. The smell lingered several more days.

  • An incident with a local ABC TV "reporter" covering a clinic protest convinced me of how deeply dishonest the "pro-life" cabal can be: the clinic was surrounded by supporters linking arms to prevent protesters from crashing the clinic and disrupting medical services (which they had attempted before); the "reporter," himself Hispanic and I presume Catholic, rammed his camera crew straight through the protective circle, thereby letting the protesters into the building. "Reporter," my f^<kin' a$$!
I do not see any way this can end to the advantage of women and the benefit of their health. I DO see a large number of women dying as they are deprived of their one source of reproductive health care. The anti-choice zealots are the true murderers.

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