Sunday, May 18, 2014

We Need Garfield To Teach Lily...

... about rocking chairs:


  1. It looks like there will be no negotiations with that cat.

    1. ellroon, Lily wins all arguments. She's (almost) bigger than I am!

    2. When Lily was first in our house, I spent most of my time in a wheelchair. Lily thought it was a plaything, and no one and no amount of pain could persuade her otherwise. She would attack me blind-side and leap straight into the spokes of a wheel. I would jam on the brakes. She would not let go! I'd wait for a moment of silence from her before I moved again, but she would still be in the wheel, screaming bloody murder. One time, even Esther got involved, running up and pouncing on me to intimidate me into... what? There was nothing I could do to help Lily, who was completely out of my sight! Lily's personality has not changed much since those days, but she's grown big enough she could probably overturn a wheelchair now!

    3. In fairness, if I catch Lily at the right moment, she is the world's sweetest cat... all is forgiven, and she can absorb any amount of deep petting, usually while sitting on my computer desk. Like most cats, she is unaware of her own opacity, and occasionally has to be moved from the space between the screen and the keyboard.

  2. There are some cats who simply take it on faith that other people will adjust to them, rather than the other way around, and in general they are right. We allow the most outrageous behavior from cats. [Guilty, BTW]

    1. Bryan, it's good to see you out and about! I thought all cats took our willing adjustment to them for granted... certainly Lily does. Esther is a little less demanding of a world that accommodates her every whim than Lily, probably because Esther lived on the streets for a year or so, and Lily never lived in a less-than-ideal environment. (BTW, Esther's medication has done wonders for her health and frame of mind. Her vision is pretty much unclouded now, and thus she has less reason to lash out or to crouch protectively in the corner of a chair.)



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