Sunday, June 22, 2014

Citizens United And Coordination Between Candidate Campaigns And Outside Issue Groups: Results Are Proving As Bad As Opponents Predicted

No, said Justice Kennedy, writing the Supreme Court's opinion in Citizens United: notwithstanding the ruling's opponents, independent issue-advocacy groups will be legally prevented from coordinating their expenditures with candidates' official campaigns, so there will be no "corruption or the appearance of corruption."

That was in 2010; now, in 2014, it isn't turning out that way at all. Take, for example, Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, as described in a NYT editorial:
In the years since that disastrous opinion, politicians around the country have set out to prove Justice Kennedy wrong by stealthily working with the “independent” groups that raise money on their behalf. The latest to get caught doing so is Gov. Scott Walker, Republican of Wisconsin. According to state prosecutors, he was at the helm of a broad and illegal fund-raising effort that involved coordinating with outside spending groups and even controlling them.
No intelligent person living in the politically extreme real world of today's America could have failed to predict this, and worse. Look at the GOP: their attitude on this matter is "anything we can get away with surely must be legal" and "if we can delay the resolution of any legal action brought against us long enough, the election will be a moot point, and we will have won." Democrats may be slow to follow, but believe me, if this ruling stands, they'll get there... and then our elections will be wholly owned.

Our nation's founders would without a doubt have fought a revolution against such a provocation. Given today's military options available to the party in power, from drones to extreme crowd control devices and techniques, a revolution just isn't going to happen, and that's just as well, if we can resolve the matter without one. But steps must be taken to disarm Citizens United... or we shall have no government "of the people," let alone by or for those people.

I know Obama's attitude seems to be "can't we just all get along?" But in the case of Citizens United, the answer is an emphatic NO. There's no time like the present to start shutting down this truly evil Supreme Court ruling.


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