Monday, June 30, 2014

Six Catholic Supreme Court Justices Walk Into Sit Above A Bar...

... and assure that cases involving women's reproductive health issues virtually never receive a fair hearing. In this case, Harris v. Quinn, the Court struck down a Massachusetts law that placed an invisible boundary 35 feet from the entrance to any abortion clinic, a boundary within which anti-abortion protesters may not go in pursuit of talking women out of obtaining a legal abortion. The Court claimed that the protesters' First Amendment free speech rights were violated by this boundary.

I have traversed the grounds of a Planned Parenthood location many times while working on an IT contract for them, and I can tell you from direct observation that what those protesters do is by no means confined to gentle logical persuasion. They physically obstruct the woman's path to the clinic with their bodies. They shove bloody fetus pictures in her face. They shout at the top of their lungs at her. If the clinic has escorts (most do these days), they actually assault the escorts by falling on them to create a breach in the line protecting the clinic.

There is no way on earth that what they do is limited to "speech." The claim that it is, is a baldfaced lie... a lie now endorsed by the overwhelmingly Catholic-heavy Supreme Court.

Sooner or later, a woman seeking an abortion will carry a firearm to the clinic for self-protection. Sooner or later, a living, breathing adult human being, one whose humanity is not in dispute by any parties to this debate, will get hurt. And if they are hurt while waving a bloody-fetus poster in a woman's face, I will not feel any sympathy for them. Abortion is an established legal... nay, constitutional... right in America: no woman should be required to tolerate threats to her person to exercise that right.

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