Friday, August 1, 2014

In 24 Years, Texas GOP Governor Candidates Have Not Learned One Simple Fact: Rape Is No Joke

Republicans talk ceaselessly about "freedom 'n' democracy," but for women, under Republican rule, there is no freedom, not even freedom from violent personal assault:
Here's Planned Parenthood's assessment (NOTE: link goes to Facebook):
In 1990, Clayton Williams "joked" about rape while campaigning against Ann Richards. You might think that a few decades would be enough to teach politicians not to make light of rape, but that sadly isn’t so. This November there’s a collection of men running for state office who think that politicians know better than women – even victims of rape – about what decisions are best for them. This is why we organize. This is why we fight to #StopGregAbbott
Twenty-four years after Clayton Williams's infamous gaffe, Republicans are more determined than ever to wrest total control of women's bodies away from those women, right down to the most personal decisions a woman can make. A woman who votes for Greg Abbott is voting for her own enslavement. Save your personal rights instead: vote for Wendy Davis.

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