Thursday, September 18, 2014

It's Raining Cats, Dogs, Squirrels, Raccoons, Possums, Etc. In Houston Today

... and thundering a lot, and is forecast to do more or less the same for two more days. The streets in some areas are flooded (though not here; I haven't yet moved my car off the street), but if this keeps up a couple days more, it will be up at least to the middle of my hubcaps. (Damned low-slung car!) Stella is out at the moment, but she should be back this evening, and will have a chance to re-evaluate the situation before work tomorrow. Fellow Houstonians, please don't head out in the next two days without consulting the weather!


  1. It's part of the stationary front that's been giving me daily thunderstorms. At least it drains quickly in the sand over here.

  2. The CBC had some video of 'Lake Houston' and the vehicles under water. People still don't heed warnings about driving into water.

    1. Bryan, back in the Saint Ronald Reagan era, during some of the recessions, ⅔ of the people in Houston were new to the city, and understandably didn't see the necessity to check the forecast before leaving home. Today, 30-40 years later, a lot of those same people still live here, and haven't learned a damned thing in all that time... several times a year, auto repair shops get a windfall when people try to drive into a flooded area one more time...



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