Wednesday, September 10, 2014

NY Times Corrects Article: Cheney Was Veep, Not Prez

NY Times:
Correction: September 9, 2014
An earlier version of a summary with this article misstated the former title of Dick Cheney. He was vice president, not president.

Coulda fooled me...


  1. No, we will slowly learn over the years that Georgie was cowed by an evil Darth Cheney and only years later did he kinda stand up to him by not pardoning Scooter Libby.... Cheney was into torture and wanting the world to tremble at the size of his balls. All he got was eternal hatred and disgust and I hope the history books reflect this horror of an 'elected' official.

    1. ellroon, a friend of mine (not a physician but a highly trained, well-respected professional in another field) worked for the hospital and in the department in which the early heart assist devices and "artificial hearts" were invented and developed. Not surprisingly I followed the course of that technological miracle with enthusiasm, cheering as the program reached a point at which its surgeries added significant periods of quality lifespan to participants receiving the devices, and grateful that such devices that made that extended lifespan possible were being invented and improved.

      Not until Dick Cheney came along did I realize that such a boon to humankind could have a downside...

  2. He still looks like the 'Evil Emperor' to me..........



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