Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Notwithstanding all my bellyaching in the post below, maybe 2015 will be spectacular for all of us!


  1. Happy New year Steve and family. Congratulations on 14 years blogging! Amazing. :)

    I wish you many more! :D

    1. Thank you, Kryten! I was initially driven to blogging by GeeDubya Bush's crowning, er, inauguration, and by a need for a place to display my doggerel (I wrote a lot more in those days). After that beginning, I've simply put one year's effort after another, as with footsteps in walking. I've switched sites twice, which hasn't done good things for my stats but was essential due to changes in available technology, and finally stabilized on Blogger a few years ago. (Wordpress is a better platform than Blogger, but Wordpress Inc. outright stiffed me, leaving my blog dead in the water one time for no valid reason.) At this point, at age 66, I probably won't change again unless something else goes wrong.

      Notwithstanding my domain name, I am no longer a "yellow-dog Democrat" (one who always votes straight-Democratic, though it is true that I no longer ever vote for a Republican), nor do I write much doggerel (rough, rude verse), so the name that I thought was so clever at the beginning is mostly an historical legacy. It could be worse: most people do remember the name!

      Thanks for visiting. If you're ever inclined to resume blogging, count me as one in favor of your doing so!

    2. Thanks Steve. :)

      Yeah, I joined Loaded Mouth! When GW was elected, and after 9/11. Was a group blog, and very hectic!

      I did plan to have my personal blog up July, but things got in the way. :) I do hope to get it up by mid year, which is about as accurate as I can get all things considered. LOL *shrug* I'll be hosting my own WP based blog on my domain (kryten42[.]com). I have a site running here on my own server, but I have a lot of work to do yet. :) Part of the reason is that I am learning the quirks of WordPress Multisite (what used to be called WPMU). I had the idea of setting up and hosting blogs for people who had no clue how to do it, but wanted their own site. :)

      I'll have a facility for guest bloggers if you ever feel inclined to have a say on any topic. :) Anyway, wait until it's up and then everyone can see for themselves if it's of any interest. I won't be twisting arms! ;) LOL

      Again, I wish you and Stella a relaxing and stress free 2015! :D

    3. Kryten, keep us all informed on your progress; I certainly look forward to reading your own blog. As to a group blog being "very hectic," if anything, that's an understatement! People who do not blog have no idea of the effort that goes into putting up an acceptable site in the first place... and then the effort of more-or-less daily blogging. Back when I was still doing real work for pay, I didn't have nearly as much time to blog. Now, I don't have nearly as much money coming in, but I do have more time for blogging. Is it a good tradeoff? I haven't decided yet; I may think it's not, if I end up missing any meals! :-)

  2. Best wishes to you and yours, Steve.

    1. Good to see you, Bobby, and the same best wishes to you and your family in 2015 and beyond! I suppose I've known you online at least as long as any of my web friends and longer than most people I know f2f. As they say, make new friends and keep the old... silver and gold, indeed!

  3. A very Happy New Year, Steve, and congratulations on continuing to blog through the entire century.



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