Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Justice Stevens Offers Six Constitutional Amendments

Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, perhaps sensing the severe but reparable harms done to the Constitution by our current Supreme Court, forged in rulings by the nut-jobs appointed to the Court by Republican presidents (sorry; you can't legitimately blame "both parties" for this one), offers, in a book, Six Amendments that might help repair some of the damage. I can't imagine these amendments succeeding in the period of congressional insanity in which we live, but I agree the effort needs to be begun, in hopes that at least some of them can be accomplished by, say, our grandchildren.

NOTE: the link to the OCLC info for this book provided in the Kos article linked above apparently has the wrong ISBN; try searching your local library's online catalog for the title. Here is such a link for Houston Public Library's copies of Stevens's book. I just placed a hold on a copy, but the library appears to have many copies, and I was immediately placed at the head of a queue for one of them. (I was not so lucky with Thomas Piketty's book; I started at 74 and have finally, after many months, reached 8th in the queue.)

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