Wednesday, April 29, 2015

François Couperin (le Grand): Soeur Monique

I don't feel like writing today this week; there's just too much violence and tragedy in the world. Here... put all that aside and listen as Couperin, himself the signature harpsichordist of the Court of Louis XIV, sketches a nun (one of his teachers?) ambling through a convent in no terrible hurry, but not without a certain grace in her deliberate motion. Written for publicantion in 1722 as a movement in Ordre 18ème de clavecin in Couperin's Troisième livre de pièces de clavecin; performed here by Nancy Kito (who??) on a harpsichord of unknown origin:

(View on YouTube site. This is a better performance by Pastor de Lasala (who??) on a Flemish two-manual harpsichord appropriate to Couperin, built in 1988 by Carey Beebe, Sydney, Australia. The good Pastor declines to allow his better performance to be viewed from another site, i.e., this one. Hey, it's at his discretion...)

(View a recently created .pdf of the score.)

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