Sunday, April 5, 2015

Right-Wing Nut-Job Welfare: More Lucrative By Far Than Selling Pizzas, And A Splendid ‘Christian’ Example For Easter

AP via TPM:

Indiana Pizza Shop Still Raking In Money, Over $840K

WALKERTON, Ind. (AP) — A crowdfunding campaign for an Indiana pizzeria that came under fire after its owners said their religious beliefs wouldn't allow them to cater a gay wedding has raised more than $840,000.

Memories Pizza in Walkerton is closed indefinitely and its operators say they've gone into hiding.

Look, muthafuckas: religion is about belief; bigotry is about action. No aspect of genuine religious freedom can ever allow you to override secular law in pursuing a business which is a  public accommodation. And if you're Christian, and you're getting fucking rich by exercising that same bigotry, you're defying just about everything Jesus ever said: you're transforming your own moral exemplar into his exact opposite. You're setting a fine example for the rest of us, eh?

Happy Fv<king Easter, muthafuckas.


  1. The Operators? The delivery guy? the box boy? Naw. the owners. Probably fired their "Christian" staff and are now in the Bahamas Hope they send a post-card.

    1. Not the cheeriest Easter post, is it, Shirt? I guess I finally tired of reading Xtians who are so (bleep!)ed pleased with themselves they are willing to pass judgment on the rest of us who chose a different path. I'm not even gay, but having worked several decades as a musician, I knew and worked with a shipload of people who are, and damn it, they're human, and they don't deserve the out-of-hand condemnation these pizza people seem all too ready to dish out along with their pepperoni. I suppose the word "humility" is missing from their dictionary...



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