Thursday, January 14, 2016

Ted Cruz For Child Abuse! Ted Cruz For Child Abuse! Ted Cruz...

I have known parents who spank their children; most of those parents use corporal punishment sparingly and with regret even as they consider it necessary. (Personally, I consider it anti-effective in several ways. Don't get me started.)

These with his right hand...
... this one in his wildest dreams.
But not Ted Cruz. He spanks his 5-year-old daughter and he's proud of it, and he says voters should "spank" Hillary Clinton. What a metaphor! As a society, we've been that route in schools, though mostly with boys; the primary results have been a) boys who hold contests to see who can provoke the most swats, and b) a rising juvenile crime rate.

To me, this statement is just more evidence (if anyone needs more) that Ted Cruz is temperamentally unsuited to be president. Not to mention misogynistic...

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