Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Test post, please ignore

Testing from smartphone...


  1. Sounds like an act of desperation....;>)

    1. :~)>

      Shirt, it was an act of desperation, but Stella's need was quite real: her ancient 3G flip phone, great in its day, was on the verge of quitting altogether. Stella communicates fully half the time by a combination of voice, text and email. In addition, her line of work involves ceaseless contact with coworkers in and out of the office. If that and her many friends were not enough, she frequently serves as an officer in a local women's artists org. All in all, she genuinely needs a reliable computer and a dependable phone. So we did what we've done 3 times in the 18 years we've been together: we went out specifically to buy new phones. (Mine was only barely newer than hers.)

      The results to date have been mixed. We were sold the Motorola Moto E, an adequate inexpensive smartphone. I was promptly reminded of all the reasons I hadn't taken up a smartphone earlier; the biggest frustrations for me are my fat fingertips and my peripheral neuropathy in both hands... smart phone; dumb fingers. Stella dug into her desk drawer and came up with a stylus she had bought but never used; it ameliorated much of my problem. Writing the blog post above taught me a lot about editing text.

      But that wasn't the only obstacle. The salesman transferred my contact list from my old phone to the smartphone; the smartphone then proved smart but forgetful... it lost the whole fv<king list the next day. I swear, I did nothing to cause that! Well, nothing that I noticed... :-)

      I won't often be blogging with the phone; it's just too much trouble. (This comment is typed at my desk on my old Ubuntu Linux machine, into Google Chrome.)

  2. Not a Test....Happy New Year you two and kittahs!

    1. And very much the same to you, old friend! I freely admit this device in my hand is a bit overwhelming for an aging technophile, but as 2016 advances and I acquire some minor skill, it could, indeed, be a happy new year!



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