Monday, February 15, 2016

Friday Monday Catnap Blogging

I really haven't gotten the hang of the camera in the new phone... my heavy-handed application of GIMP (the Photoshop equivalent in the Linux world) makes this pic barely acceptable. Esther catnaps in Stella's grandfather's rocker, which makes Esther the only sentient creature in the household who is not off his/her rocker:

Esther on her rocker


  1. Esther needs more circle in her form before the cat sleep olympics :)

    I use GIMP on all my machines, for the same reason I use LibreOffice - consistency across platforms.

    1. Bryan, we can give Esther the same advice given to young bicyclists as they enter their first race: "think circles"! These days, I'd be happy to cycle at any speed whatsoever, but I fear those days are behind me. Esther, fortunately, is just entering her prime for sleeping competition. :-)

    2. I use GIMP on my only working computer at the moment, which I'll soon have to replace because it probably won't stand an Ubuntu upgrade. I'll probably go for one of System 76's laptops; they're not too pricey and they are, so to speak, native Linux laptops. Now that I am no longer working, I have no intention of going back to Windows, even if the newer versions are actually improved.



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