Monday, February 29, 2016

Trump The Fascist

I do not enjoy publishing an unadulterated slur against a presidential candidate, even a Republican. But Trump is no ordinary Republican candidate, and I choose my words based on Trump's actions at campaign events, from documentation by Juan Cole and from ABC News footage I saw myself, shown on this evening's news.

Trump was interrupted by protesters apparently from Black Lives Matter (no unusual event; so was Bernie Sanders) and responded, "Get them out of here," or words to that effect. A reporter in the "media pen," attempting to take a picture of the BLM protesters, apparently stepped a foot or two outside the line. A Secret Service agent (which, BTW, The Guardian referred to as an "SS agent"!) first grabbed the reporter's throat, then, on meeting resistance, threw him to the floor. Trump's audience cheered; Trump himself beamed.

I ask you: is this presidential behavior? Is it even rational behavior?

Perhaps I'm overreacting, but Trump's actions bug the bejezus out of me. YMMV.


  1. There is nothing rational about The Donald, his campaign or his followers --- just a bunch of people who, sadly, feel so disenfranchised that they will follow any lunatic (such as Trump or the tea-party) who seems to promise change

  2. He is awful because he is deliberately activating the lizard brains in the thugs who follow him. It is NOT presidential behavior. It is not rational behavior but it is behavior we have seen through out history.... and it should scare everyone.



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