Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back To Basics

That's where I'm headed...
... because if there's any point to blogging, I'm certainly not seeing it today.


  1. Well, in my case it is part of my anger management, so I don't exercise my rights as a resident of Florida and go around shooting things up.

    The other thing is that it establishes a record, something the media once provided, of how screwed up things have gotten, and that there were people who noticed and pointed out the problems.

    If you read most of the text books about colonial America they would have you believe that the only people who came were from Britain and everyone spoke English.

    You know they also spoke Spanish from Texas history and I know they spoke Dutch and French from New York history. But the history I really believe is based on the personal notes, letters, and diaries kept by people in my own family. Those tell about the lives of real people, not politicians and "leaders".

    I don't expect to change the world, but I want the people who can to know they are being watched.

    The fact that Gibbs was upset enough to complain to a reporter seems to indicate that it has some effect.

    I look at that widget on my sidebar and see flags from around the world, people from all over stopping by to read what I've written. That doesn't hurt my feelings.

  2. I should use that cartoon as my mascot.

    I'd miss you if you went away, Steve.

  3. Bryan, Mustang Bobby...

    I just don't know when (if) I'll return to blogging... days, weeks, when hell freezes over, etc., I just don't know.

    I can't really imagine that blogs provide a serious record of popular opinion, other than a record for use by the FBI and NSA (and the newly evil Google). No one really cares what we think; most in positions of power read us, if at all, to see how we can be thwarted, manipulated, criminally indicted or at least unjustly shamed. There is no intent to obtain info for purposes of good government. We represent a threat to elected officials and, apparently and astonishingly, to the mainstream media. When nobody likes you, you don't have much influence.

    As to your venting, Bryan, within our lifetime, I can see things getting quite beyond what mere venting can alleviate.

    Bobby, thanks for the kind words. I'll miss blogging at some point, but I have to see a role for it more effective than, say, Netroots Nation. Revolutions, even nonviolent ones, are not effected by people tapping blog posts. I'll probably eventually come back out of a need similar to Bryan's, but I need to figure out first what I want to accomplish.

    Again, thanks, loyal readers.

  4. That is a good cartoon. I, too, hope you decide to stay blogging. For me, once a week, just blogging the cats (and once in a while, the horses) is pretty fun.

  5. Bark! Bark! Whine....

    Hugs to you, Steve.

    Blogging kept me sane during the Bush era, finding people like-minded who overrode the mainstream media's lockstep march with the Bush administration's catapulted propaganda. (I think the internet was only thing Cheney and his gang didn't take into account, all other ducks were in a row: churches, media, military, countries, big oil....)

    I was surprised to see how many bloggers stopped the minute Obama was elected, as if that would finally make things right. We've learned that the government will ALWAYS need oversight from involved and concerned citizens.

    I know the next latest outrage will bring a lot of people back to the blogs to see what the actual truth is. I need to see lots of sources. I no longer accept what the newspapers and the tv tell me as 'truth'.

    You've been a wonderful outraged citizen and I appreciate it.

  6. i'll miss you steve!

    i never had an illusions that blogging would change the world. but it does give me chance for me to vent and, if i'm lucky, have a conversation with someone out in the world who i wouldn't otherwise encounter.

    in any case, i selfishly hope you reconsider eventually. but if you don't feel the urge to blog, you probably shouldn't do it. this should never be a chore.

  7. Stick around Steve. You'll notice that I have been light on the politics as well and just talking about life in general. Things will get different in a while and there will be a need for comment. Maybe nobody cares but as Bryan points out it is a record, minimal or not. Besides without having your cranky self out there to harass our buddy Duff the world would be surely duller.



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