Friday, August 6, 2010

Trouble In Bayou City


As you can probably gather from my cell phone posts, my internet connection from home is dead as... whatever... a doornail, a dodo, an AT&T internet connection. After endless struggles with the equipment and then with AT&T telephone support, I am scheduled for onsite repair on... get this... Monday morning. Meanwhile, I am posting this from the public library at the corner. That sort of thing was easy back when my feet worked properly. But don't get me started; I might tell you about the first of the AT&T support persons I was subjected to...

My new boot actually does help. I can't walk any faster, but I can walk more easily. Never mind the top of the boot resembles a black china pie-plate, in size and appearance. Wish me luck; the boot seems really to help.

Today is my birthday. Dog has blessed me with a sharp stick in the eye the companionship of good friends on the birthday, someone to help me both with the technology problems and with retaining my patience at the exasperation I feel, and of course I am blessed with Stella, who took me and our friends George and Barbara (you've seen them on the threads here) out to eat at Star Pizza, and then bookshopping at Barnes & Noble. (I got only one book, Terry Pratchett's Unseen Academicals, in part because I've accumulated so many unread books recently.

Stella and the kitties bid you hello. Sorry I don't have pictures this week; if I had them, I wouldn't be able to post them. Apologies for my nonparticipation in political blogging; I don't have time enough before the library closes to do my usual surfing.

If you reply to this post, please understand that it may be Monday before I see the reply. Thanks for your patience.


  1. Cheers to your new black china pie plate boot! May you trip the light fantastic... no wait... may you walk to where you want to going as fast as you so desire and as comfortably as in days of yore...

    And may your AT&T connection suddenly work with clarity and speed!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday and many more to follow. Get well soon!



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