Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday The Thirteenth, Part 19027


Stella is off work today, so this morning we are killing bugs and then dragging me in to the doc for another session of boot abuse. I regret I do not have any cat pics; please view the one of Lily last Tuesday.


  1. I hope your visit went well. I spoent yesterday morning having keyhole surgery to clear damage hanging over from last year's accident

    Oh to be able to walk rather than hobble!

  2. Steve, I wish I could understand why Blogger gives you so much trouble. I've been using it since 2004 without any problem. You must be using it on a much higher level than I do. Or is it the servers instead? I use the lowest strength (because of cost) of Wildblue, on satellite dish (because of where I live), and the only thing that goes wrong there is that it doesn't like the rain, though with all the droughts recently that hasn't been a big problem.

  3. "Oh to be able to walk rather than hobble!" - jams

    Hear, hear! I'm sorry you are in a similar circumstance, jams...

    OT1H, I am grateful the new boot enables me to "walk" (word used with reservation) for short distances.

    OTOH, I am soooo tired of swinging along on a walker, even for short spans.

    We added a tiny basket to the front of my walker.

    Advantage: I can carry one or two books, and, if I'm very careful, a drink at a very slow pace.

    Disadvantage: there are now doors within the house that I cannot get through without first removing the basket. That's a real PITA.

    jams, I'm not sure which of us has it worse. It is increasingly clear that my condition is permanent. The orthotist suggested that I might be better off having the foot and ankle amputated. I'm not fond of that idea. Indeed, as I remarked to Stella, I am (ahem) lack-toes intolerant! But it may come to that; time will tell.

  4. Carl, my complaint about Blogger focuses on one thing:

    * The text editor sucks.

    - Standard keystrokes that function in most editors in most browsers do funny things in the Blogger editor.

    - Dog help you if you attempt to paste text copied from, say, a WaPo article into your post!

    - paragraph boundaries do crazy things. Typing your own setup text in front of the quoted pasted text often word-wraps the whole quote, all paragraphs together.

    - the text cursor does not automatically travel to the end of the post (it goes to the end of existing text instead).

    - once in a while, the text cursor suddenly travels to the top of the post. Boom, you're there. You have to watch where your typed text goes.

    - and many more similar examples.

    Moreover, the editor's behavior exhibits small changes every day or two as they apparently attempt to "fix" it. Whatever they do, they don't actually fix it. If it were not such a hassle to move yet again, I'd move.



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