Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dallas Bests Houston... Today At Least... In The
‘Most Murdered With Firearms’ Contest

I-45: Murder Alley?
In my youth, I was a real Houston booster: in Houston's ongoing rivalry with Dallas, as a place to live and work, I always sided with Houston. Of course, I never actually lived in Dallas (though I occasionally traveled there to visit friends or perform in concerts), but that never stopped me from cheering for Houston.

Well, today I have to cede game and match, also lock, stock and barrel, to Dallas: Houston may have been the murder-and-mayhem capital of the nation at one time, but today Dallas police reported finding four people shot in a southwest Dallas home, two of them already dead when police arrived. The alleged perpetrator apparently then drove to DeSoto, TX, about 16 miles south of Dallas, where he allegedly shot four more people, leaving two of them dying. The suspect reportedly surrendered quietly to police.

I'd say the Dallas area takes the crown as today's murder king.

For what it's worth, there were also stories today of shootings involving children, including a report of a 13-year-old Indiana boy accidentally shot and killed by his sibling (sex not specified; that's the first use of "sibling" I've ever seen in the popular press). There are so many shootings every day that Talking Points Memo's TPMLiveWire column now has the tab bar
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Does anyone else think something is wrong here?



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