Monday, August 26, 2013

Nothing To Lear At — UPDATED

How sharper than a serpent's child it is to have a thankless tooth! (Or something like that.)

Having not been to the dentist in several years, I seem to have acquired a thankless tooth; please excuse one or more absences while I deal with it.

UPDATE Tues. morning: the pain diminished considerably overnight, but I'm not done with the problem yet. I'll be content if I can get through two or three busy days before I have to make the "emergency" dental run.

UPDATE Thurs. evening: the pain seems almost completely gone. There's no evidence of damage to the gums (damn, it surely felt like there was while it was going on!) and I don't think an "emergency" trip will be necessary. Now I can deal with getting my car back to running condition, without which my s.o. says she'll stop giving me rides in hers... well, no, Stella didn't actually threaten, but she persuaded me, as only she can, just how much I need to get the car working and get myself back to driving. The first task is about done... I had the battery replaced today and drove the car a few blocks, heading back home when I discovered the brake light switch wasn't working on the right rear, for brakes or for flashers. But tomorrow is another day...


  1. I was scolded by my dental hygienist for my teeth two sessions ago... and got good marks this last time, mainly because of these teeth pick thingies.

    1. ellroon, long-time sufferers of dental and periodontal diseases will tell you that regular flossing and brushing... get your dentist to show you how to use floss properly... will do as well as or better than a lot of expensive gadgets. Sometimes my dentist sends me to the "thingies" for a couple of months just to alleviate my boredom with floss, but when I ask her if those devices are better than floss, she answers cryptically, "those devices do the same job as floss, and the results of studies of their effectiveness are comparable to those of floss" ... or words to that effect. In other words, keep doing whatever works best to motivate you to clean between your teeth regularly. If thingies please you, use thingies! :-)

  2. It's amazing how all the little daily activities, once taken so easily to task and accomplished in little time become so enormous and difficult when ill and/or in pain.



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