Saturday, November 14, 2015

Every Civilized Person Is French Today

Here is TPM's summary article on the Paris terrorist attacks. As of early Saturday morning (1:10 AM CST) the article seems to be updated every few hours. If it seems out of date, please view the TPM main page. Here is a live stream of France 24 provided by TPM. President Hollande of France has declared a state of emergency and closed the borders. According to reports, all the terrorists who struck in Paris are now dead. For what it's worth, our Department of Homeland Security says there is no credible evidence of a similar threat to the US.

Whatever our nationality, we in the civilized world are all with France in spirit today. I am outraged, disgusted and frankly bereft of hope for civilization every time such an incident happens, hopeless because I cannot see how the nations of the world can survive the terrorists of the world. My heart is with the French... how could it be otherwise... but I know that that is not enough to put an end to the terror. Must the world continue to live with these killings of hundreds or thousands of innocent humans for the rest of human existence on Earth? It is not a pattern I am willing to get used to. My thoughts and prayers, like those of most Americans, are with the French people, particularly with the families of those killed in Paris. Courage, everyone. I do not have any easy answers; we must all awaken tomorrow and face the world we live in.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, ellroon. These are parlous times, for sure.

  2. I greatly fear the anger I feel threatens to overwhelm my reason. I'm also certain that political vampires are sharpening their fangs to take advantage of this anger.

    1. Shirt, I expect the Dick Cheneys and John Boltons of the world, in secret or in public as they perceive their advantage, to prepare to commit mayhem in the name of public safety. It happened in 2001; it can happen again in 2015 or... especially... 2016. 9/11/2001 resulted in the re-(s)election of one of the two or three worst presidents in American history, who wreaked havoc on our nation's international policy for eight full years and affected it for decades to come. I cannot see how this can possibly end without another world war at some point. Sigh.



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