Monday, November 16, 2015

Sick And Tired

No, I mean I'm physically sick, and fatigued as a result. I've experienced this feeling off and on in the past; it usually passes in a day or two. Meanwhile, I have little choice but to stay at home and let kitty Esther try to heal me. Hey, a mother of five kittens all of which grew to healthy adulthood is bound to be pretty good at healing...


  1. Cats are therapeutic and do help with cases of the 'blahs' that seem to correspond with the passage of weather fronts.

    I wish you a quick recovery, Steve.

    1. Thanks, Bryan; I'm already beginning to feel better, apart from the achy leg due to the drastic changes in the barometer... but males in my family have suffered that since at least my maternal grandfather, who never needed actually to look at or tap on that fancy barometer he owned; he could almost quote you the pressure the way some people can tell you the temperature without a thermometer.

      Thanks to the deplorable weather, it's been a long couple of days for everyone except the cats, who seem to be enjoying the place and not suffering any weather-related aches. Stella also has had not even a break in her stride; she packed up and drove to work today, reported that she got a lot done, and is now headed for a WiVLA meeting (Women in Visual and Literary Arts) this evening. Rest? what would she need with rest? :-}



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