Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Houston Election Yields A Fallen HERO

The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), approved by City Council and Mayor Parker, failed in its judicially mandated vote by the people of Houston. It wasn't even close: when I went to bed, it was losing about 39% — 61%. I suppose the leaders of the opposition and the fear-filled citizens they misled at every turn (and "misled" is putting it politely) simply cannot abide being protected by a HERO. Well, damn them to HELL (Houston Equality Losing... Lost). Considering how many of the people engaged in the assassination campaign likely consider themselves Christian, the whole sordid business gives me one more reason not to be one.

Sylvester Turner and Bill King will be in a runoff for mayor of Houston. I like Turner well enough and have voted for him in a couple of his many past runs for mayor, more with a shrug than a happy dance, but he seems the best available this time as he was back then. The other guy, a colorless (pun intended) businessman with apparently sterling if not golden conservative credentials, leaves me wondering: which citizens is he Bill‑King?

In Houston, not all precincts have been counted, either citywide At-Large districts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) or regional City Council districts (A, B, C... etc.), so I'll defer addressing those races. And in the districts without incumbents, I don't really know much about a lot of the candidates The only observation I'll offer now is this:
  • Incumbency is an almost overwhelming advantage, but many races have no incumbent running this year.
I'll try to write more later. Today I have to grocery‑shop before another possible bayou‑filling event Thu/Fri/Sat...


  1. Look, this is easy to solve. Just open up Transgender bathrooms in public facilities. And prepare for requiring privy=ate concerns to do the same. I one had to guard the men's room because a lady (she was) asked me to do that because she was about to blow out here bladder. I did and the have dozen men I apprised of the situation understood and it wasn't an issue. They waited.

    So. with sincere apologies to AE Houseman:

    Epitaph on an Army of Needy People

    These, in the day when bowels were falling,
    The hour when earth's bathrooms fled,
    Followed their biological calling,
    And took their attitude to the head.

    Their shoulders held the sky suspended;
    They sat, and water closets stay;
    What GOP abandoned, these defended,
    And saved their undies for the day.

    Once the heads open up you really think women will in a line to go to the pissiour marked Women?


    1. shirt, I can't speak for anyone else, but your parody made me rotflmfao! :twisted:

    2. Afterthought: Back when I started this blog, shortly before 9/11/2001, I was literally sitting on the john when my brain involuntarily combined "yellow dog Democrat" and "doggerel" to yield the original name, "The Yellow Doggerel Democrat." The name stuck for a few years; I ended up having trouble with the "Democrat" part when the party out-raised the GOP one presidential election year (Obama's first?). By now, I'm about ready to reinstate that original name; the GOP is manifestly more evil than the DP. I'm thinking about it...



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