Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hotel As Magnifying Glass, Guests As Ants

Jonathan Turley warns us: If you stay at The Vdara in Las Vegas, you'd better not lounge around the pool:

Death Ray: Hotel Design Blamed For Burning Guests in Pool
This could make for an interesting torts lawsuit. A new hotel, The Vdara, is a modern glass structure with a curved design. The striking architectural design has one other novel feature: a “death ray” that cooks people in the pool.

Guests have been complaining that the curvature of the building produces a “death ray” that literally melts plastic and causes severe burns in the pool area. ...

A reporter from the Las Vegas Review-Journal found that the design produced a fry zone of roughly 10-feet by 15-feet that increased the temperature by 20 degrees during certain periods. ...

So guests engaging in, say, high-level business negotiations can go straight from the pressure cooker of modern business to the solar oven of current hotel design. I suppose the best any of us can hope for in these troubled times is not to get burned.

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