Friday, September 24, 2010

Lily Stands Up For What's Right

... or maybe just for a squirrel in the back yard:

She has grown a bit, hasn't she!


  1. jams, I'd love to see the tom that fathered Lily; he must be long and lanky, because mother Esther certainly is not! Time flies, and Lily herself goes under the knife in less than a week... she's cute, but there's no shortage of cats and kittens around, and we don't want her supplying more of 'em.

  2. That's what happens when you give a kitty a home and some food and lots of pats.... It expands!

    ... or maybe only a few furtive pats? Is she a cuddly cat yet?

  3. Alas, it looks like she is going to be a leaper and climber in search of the highest point she can reach, which will get higher every week.

    Well, things won't be dull, Steve.

    "oocatte" that can't be a good omen.

  4. ellroon, Lily is not much of a lap cat, which is just as well, because she knows how to use her claws. Esther is a better lap cat, at least for Stella; she's friendly to me but won't stay on my lap.

    Bryan, Lily has already been atop the highest objects in the house, and occasionally stares longingly at the ceiling fan in the middle of the den (fortunately it's not reachable from any other object). "oocatte" indeed!



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