Monday, September 20, 2010

The Pro-Rape Party

Rachel Maddow points out that five (5) Republican Senate candidates are not only anti-choice... no surprise there... but have explicitly and publicly removed the classic qualifying clause that abortion is allowed in cases of rape or incest:

(NOTE: The session on reproductive rights starts around 4 or 5 minutes into the clip, notwithstanding MSNBC's bookmark almost 6 minutes in.)

The five Republican candidates (no, I won't give them links) are

  • Ken Buck (R-Colorado)
  • Sharron Angle (R-Nevada)
  • Rand Paul (R-Kentucky)
  • Joe Miller (R-Alaska)
  • Christine O'Donnell (R-Delaware)
and Maddow presents a video clip of each candidate stating his or her opposition to abortion even in cases of rape or incest.

I've predicted this for a long time in personal conversations with friends: the Republican Party has gone far beyond being conservative, now taking into its fold large numbers of radicals and running some of them for office. Should we be scared? We'll have to see how this election goes.

A candidate who wants to force a rape victim to bear the child of her rapist is nothing less than cruel, and a party that fields such candidates is downright evil.


  1. Maybe a lawsuit demanding the government to pay child support for the unwanted child would get their attention....

  2. Ah the caring compassionate face of the Republians?

  3. ellroon, there seem to be two kinds of Republicans out there. One would be deterred from such extreme anti-choice legislation if it cost them a lot of money. One wouldn't be deterred no matter what. Which one would you guess dominates the GOP these days?

  4. jams, surprising though it may seem to some people, I stand in amaze at today's Republican Party. It wasn't like this when I was a kid. Even when I was a college student, though my propensity was to vote Democratic, I would vote for an occasional Republican if I thought s/he were a better fit for an office. Now it seems the entire party is a tree full of nuts.

    So I see it as my task to pound the tree and make the nuts fall. Unfortunately, there may be no stick big enough for the pounding.

    Many things these people say are certifiably insane. I can understand someone's opposition to abortion, though I cannot possibly agree with it. But I cannot fathom the motivation of someone who advances the cause of rapists against rape victims: that's just evil.

  5. I agree with you on this one. Abortion is an emotive issue and there is probably not on person who is pro choice who feels totally comfortable about the view. I know it is not something that I support with any real joy.

    The cases of rape and incest are just the situations where even the most doctrinaire pro lifer needs to show a little pragmatism. Anything else is just palin evil

  6. Palin evil? a Freudian slip of the keyboard!

  7. jams, I'd feel less "emotive" about some people's opposition to abortion if those same people didn't object to... and attempt to ban... contraceptives. If they were saying "take some responsibility; use contraception and you won't need an abortion", I'd be more inclined to respect their position, though it would still display the arrogance of the typical religious fundamentalist about matters that are, ahem, fundamentally personal. But as long as the same people are trying to make contraceptives difficult to obtain, and as long as the contraceptives themselves are so imperfect, I stand foursquare against them and insist on the ready availability of abortion to any woman who wants it.

    My position: Don't believe in abortion? don't have one, and stay out of anyone else's decision to have one. You'd be amazed how many people... how many men... make exceptions to their purported anti-abortion beliefs for their own wives or daughters.

  8. BTW, ritual disclosure: as a contractor, my first paying client ever was Planned Parenthood.



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