Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The seventh loaf is a multi-whole-grain loaf: whole wheat, barley, oats and flaxseed. It is very dense and could have been used to break windows, but it tastes much too good to waste breaking windows.

I ran into trouble again with the seating of the bread pan in the bread machine. Somewhere in the middle of the second knead, the pan lifted just enough to come loose from one of its two latches. I happened to hear the machine spinning but audibly not kneading; fortunately, I caught it early enough that reseating the pan allowed it to mix and knead properly. I'm not sure how to avoid this problem. As things are, one cannot simply put all ingredients in the pan, start the machine and go away for a while.

I am seriously considering baking a loaf the old-fashioned way. Well, OK, not all that old-fashioned... I'll be using a modern oven... but I'll prepare the dough by hand and knead by hand. For the loaf I intend, I'll need a baking sheet and some sort of lining (parchment?). I'll let you know how it comes out.


  1. If you decide to "do it the old fashioned way" let me know and I will share my 'daily bread ' recipe. I make sourdough but if you don't and probably don't have an active sourdough I can get you around it. The starter is just equal amounts of flour and water and all the critters that make it sour so replacing the started with plain yeast is really not and issue. You won't have the sourdough taste but you will still have some damn fine bread.

  2. Following this closely---been wanting to learn bread making for sometime now.

  3. Whatever you’re planning to eat
    On Thanksgiving, I hope it’s a treat.
    Whether stuffing and turkey
    Or something more quirky,
    Here’s hoping it doesn’t repeat.

  4. fallenmonk - I'm happy to accept any info you care to share. I love sourdough, and could probably find a starter among my friends here.

  5. mandt - it ain't rocket science! I'm at best a middling cook, and just about every loaf I've done (all but one) has come out just fine. Give it a try!

  6. Mad, thank you, and happy T-day yourself! I'd write you a limerick, but I'm not wide enough awake yet. Count on my eating something quirky, probably some sort of Asian food at Kim Son in downtown Houston.



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