Saturday, November 27, 2010


Or rather... NO bread. @#$%^!!!

The oven... the real one, the one that is part of the kitchen stove... turns out to have gone defunct since the last time either of us used it, possibly over a month ago. So much for baking any "real" bread right away.

So my next bread will be the size of the bread pan in the bread machine: for me, no loaves "bigger than a bread box." I'll probably repeat one of the recipes described in a previous post... and politely harass my landlord to deal with the deceased oven right away.

Stella found and kindly gave me a small bread book containing very basic recipes for the most popular breads. It's not as diverse as, say, the 100 bread recipes by Paul Hollywood (the "master baker," and you have to pronounce that very carefully, who supplies the fine hotels of London), but it may give me a reference on a few common recipes... which I will explore when the @#$%^!!! oven works again.


  1. Sorry about the oven. I fortunately have two if one craps out and they are German made so the likelihood of them going south is slim.
    Anyhow, careful with the bread recipes if the cookbook is English as some of their measurements are different from ours even though they have the same names. There are a bunch of online conversion sites on the tubes though.

  2. Here tell that Christine O'Donnell has that cookbook from the Master Baker banned from her church library! lol

  3. fallenmonk, mandt...

    fallenmonk, thanks for the advice about English cookbooks. I vaguely remember the fact of their units being different from ours, from my days working on one of the early Human Nutrition studies for USDA (and US Army... my only military contract ever was about food; "make soup, not war") by way of a contract with UT School of Public Health. But I've long since forgotten the conversions. Oh, and I'm glad to hear you have reliable ovens... I obviously don't!

    mandt - :-)



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